Frequently Asked Questions

1What makes us better
Our process is patented. It reaches ever cubic inch of the area we service and verify disinfection. HVAC included.
2Does it really (absolutely work)?
This process has been used for years in biopharmaceutical clean rooms in Europe. – First proof of success in the 1950’s (as a liquid). – With papers are available with proof of efficacy for bacteria, bacterial spores, mold and mold spores
3Can it actually kill Covid-19?
The chemical in the Alpha step, is currently in testing to be listed on the EPA’s N-List of sterilants that will kill the Coronavirus or Covid-19. The chemicals similar to those that are used in our Alpha process are listed on the EPA website (referenced by the CDC) as approved chemicals to kill Covid-19. https://www.epa.gov/pesticide-registration/list-n-disinfectants-use-against-sars-cov-2 – Per the widely accepted Microbiological Disinfectant Hierarchy (Rutala, Weber, CDC), both chemicals are effective against Covid-19. https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016- 02/documents/dh_final_summary_of_workshop_- exploration_of_the_disinfection_hierarchy_meeting_summary_final_docx_2_4_16.pdf
4How long does it last?
– The Alpha step uses a chemical that is a disinfectant. It kills microbes on surfaces, in spaces and airspace. This disinfectant is a short term killer and is only effective until an area is re- contaminated. That is why the Omega step is so important. – During the Omega step, a chemical is applied and can last on surfaces for a very long time. We warranty 90 days of protection. Our experiences is that it lasts at least that long on high traffic areas, and longer on other surfaces. The chemical used in the Omega step only protects surfaces.
5What happens if an infected person coughs or sneezes in our treated space?
– We always recommend distancing in any situation due to the person to person transmission issues. – If someone coughs or sneezes, the droplets will fall out of the air over time and come in contact with the chemical used in the Omega step. Upon contact, the microbe will be killed and the surface made safe.
6Covid-19 Transmission
– The main transmission is person to person – air droplets from a cough or sneeze that is breathed in or hits a mucous membrane (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.). – Secondary transmission is surface to person. The virus needs to enter through a mucous membrane (eyes, mouth, nose, etc.).
7How long does it last on surfaces and in air?
– Covid-19 will last in the air for about three hours. The droplets will eventually fall out of the air and contaminate surfaces. – The virus will live on cardboard and paper for less than 24 hours. – The virus will live on most hard surfaces – i.e. stainless steel for 48 hours. – The virus will live on plastic for about 72 hours
8What is the process?
– The first step is to fill your home, office or area with a dry fog during the Alpha step. The area will need to be filled for 10-20 minutes to reach efficacy. – The Omega process, using a secondary chemical, coats surfaces to keep them sterile. The Omega process does not take as long and has no or little dwell time
9How long does it take?
A space of about 2,500 sq ft will take 2-4 hours depending on ceiling height, etc. The process is very quick.
10What do I need to remove or cover?
– Essentially nothing needs to be removed or covered. We recommend that surfaces are clutter free so the chemical used in the Omega step can coat the surfaces to be protected. – Any equipment or jars that are used in fermentation processes should be removed or sealed. This would be beer brewing equipment, kimchi vases, etc.
11Do I need to leave my house?
You will want to leave during the treatment. Fortunately, you can return about an hour after we finish. You can also air out the house at anytime after treatment.
12How bad will it smell?
– The breakdown of the chemical used in the Alpha process is water and acetic acid. You may have a vinegar or pickle smell for a day or two following the treatment. The chemical used in the Omega process is colorless and odorless once applied. It has a slight odor until the air is cleared. Once treatment is complete, the home or office can be completely aired out to get rid of any odors. – The chemical used in the Omega process will work to remove bad odors from your home or office. Often an “old home” smell can be eliminated or reduced through this treatment.
13Is it safe?
- Both chemicals, used in our Alpha step and Omega step, are certified “Green” by the FDA and are EPA registered. - The chemical used in our Alpha process is approved for use on meats, fruits and vegetables as a sterilant and food spoilage inhibitor. It is also used in water purification and in hospitals to sterilize equipment between patients. - The chemical used in our Omega process is approved safe for use on food preparation surfaces but is never applied to food. - During the Alpha step, the fog can be walked through safely. We don’t recommend it as it is unpleasant to the eyes, nose and throat. By the time you return, the fog will be gone. - During the Omega step, a nano-molecule is applied and you will never know that it is coating your surfaces and protecting you because it is 100% safe on an applied surface. - Both chemicals used are safe for plants, pets and children.
14What do you do when 90 days if over.
– If you are in a high traffic area, you will want to recoat some areas with a spray of the chemical used in the Omega process. If you feel a need to retreat, it can be done. There is never a problem of over treating. – Areas in homes and office that have little traffic will probably last for a year. – Scrubbing surfaces with abrasive cleaners will reduce the time between treatment with the chemical used in the Omega process. i.e. sinks, toilets, countertops, etc.
15Are there case studies.
– We have a number of studies and white papers that show efficacy. – The US Army Corps of Engineers did a study on these chemicals to strictly kill mold. They have endorsed this process. (Although it effectively kills mold, we do not promote this process as a mold remediation process – We do not do mold testing, but are happy to refer you to a company using this process and doing mold testing.)
16Who created this technology?
– David Gillies, MBA, MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA) is a founding partner of Mountain Fog and is one of the original patent holders. – Degrees in Microbiology and Medical Technology – History as a Laboratory Supervisor – Over 50 years experience in Healthcare Industry – This process has been used in Europe and the biopharmaceutical industry for years. It was adapted and improved for use in healthcare, home and office sterilization. – Three patents have been approved and issued on this process. – We have been working with this process for over 10 years.
17Are there patents?
– Yes – three of them filed in 2016. – Patent numbers: 9839711, 20170087264, 9517283 - Atomizing sterilization of a plurality of cleaning agents. – Abstracts are available on request
– We warrant that this process will kill bacteria and mold and keep treated areas sterile for 90 days. – Some extended warranties are available based on area treated and usage.