About us

Restoring a healthy indoor environment.
Quick. Effective. Guaranteed.

Only Green Chemicals

We Care. We only use chemicals that are safe for you, your loved ones, and our staff.

Dry Application (Nothing Wet)

Using our state of the art process, we create tiny particles that penetrate everywhere viruses and bacteria can. Those particles bounce while searching out bacteria and spores. Since they don't splat, nothing gets wet.

Creating Healthy Living Environments

Our process breaks down the cell making it inert. No possibility of creating resistance.

We started this knowing that there had to be a better way to disinfect. After taking inspiration from other industries we retooled and disrupted traditional mold remediation. While we started in mold remediation, we have moved onto new opportunities. If you have mold remediation needs, we would be glad to refer you to a licensed mold remediation company using this technology in your area.


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