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 Rachel Bennett (2024)

"I wouldn't say I'm alive, but I wouldn't say I'm dead," teases Mt Fog's spectral voice between shooting-star synth sparkles on "Waiting Through These Years," pulling you deeper into her haunted electro forest. Teeming with operatic vocals, earthy synth tones and the occasional swirling violin, this sophomore gem combines the artful fragility of a Bjork record with a DIY groundedness."

-Michael Rietmulder for The Seattle Times

A creation of love & a response to the world's absurdity, Mt Fog began in an art-filled house without an internet connection in Olympia in 2019. Mt Fog (Carolyn B.) is a singer, producer and classically-trained multi-instrumentalist who layers electronic sounds and haunting vocals to evoke emotional landscapes. She's performed alongside artists like Anika and Tim Hecker and played a KEXP studio session, hosted by DJ Cheryl Waters, in November 2022. Her sophomore album Spells of Silence was featured as a Bandcamp Daily Album of the Day and in the Seattle Times as a Washington music critics' Album of the Year. It is out on vinyl via Ghost Mountain Records. In 2023, Mt Fog debuted as a trio consisting of Carolyn, Andy Sells (Select Level, Afrocop, FCS North) and Casey Rosebridge (Crazy Eyes).

Mt Fog's next album ultraviolet heart machine will be out on vinyl and cassette via Ghost Mountain Records September 17 2024.


"Drifting" - ultraviolet heart machine

slowlymorphing art.png

"Slowly Morphing" - ultraviolet heart machine

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